• Keep one master calendar system whether it's a handwritten calendar or an electronic calendar.

  • Open your daily mail standing over your recycling bin.  You can immediately toss junk mail and sort through the important stuff. 

  • As you read a magazine, tear or cut out items of interest, then toss the magazine into your recycling bin.

  • When you go up or down the stairs, always carry stray items back to their place. 

  • It really is OK to get rid of something you don't like or wear, even if it was a gift from someone you love dearly. 

  • Don't buy organizing containers until after you've sorted and purged items -- you'll have a much better idea of the quantity and size of containers you need. 

  • Use photographs or clip art to label playroom bins for pre-school children.

  • Keep a running grocery list on your refrigerator. 

  • Corral basketballs, footballs and soccer balls into a clean, over-sized trash can in your garage.

Organizing Tips